Now THIS is a great idea!


The Galley Hatch Restaurant in Hampton is planning on opening up an igloo for people who want to go out for dinner at a restaurant, but don't want to eat inside.  I'm assuming the igloo will be heated.  How cool!

Here are some of the comments on their Facebook page:

  • How do you make reservations for this igloo?
  • How many will you have?
  • Saw it tonight.  Can't wait to eat in one
  • We saw it last weekend. Our server said it is heated, and if this one is popular they’ll get a few more

One of the comments on the page was, and I'm paraphrasing, how is this different than eating inside?  I think it's a big difference.  You have your own space.  No one else is coming in and out except your server and I'm sure they will be masked.  Truth is, this virus is unpredictable and you could catch it from a variety of places. Everyone is trying their hardest to do the best they can and so far, I think this is THE BEST!

I would love to build my own in my yard, so I don't ever have to go anywhere and I can eat under the stars.  How cool would that be during a snowstorm to be dining on your favorite dish!  Especially if it's warm inside!  I wouldn't like it if it was cold.  Crank the heat in that thing and let's go to the Galley Hatch!  Nice idea!

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