Ever since I was a kid in the early 1980s I've been fascinated with the optimistic view of futurism portrayed Disney-style in Epcot; there was something thrilling and even calming at the idea of a future of technological innovation, better living and humans conquering space, deep sea and so on all grounded in the advances of civilization that came before.

My family and I took vacations to Florida often then and I would always fondly look forward to visiting Epcot's "Communicore" of the time showcasing new gadgets and gizmos and riding "Horizons" a ride that gave the guest a showcase of exciting advances in lifestyle and technology of the 21st Century.

If you never experienced, don't recall or want to relive that classic 80s ride, check out here.

One of "Horizons" memorable figures was a "robot butler" in an imagined 21st century city apartment vacuuming and dusting adorned with red vest, monocle and playful smirk.


I never forgot him and always wondered if that sort of tech would indeed one day come true.

Well here we are a full two decades into the 21st century, and according to Business NH Magazine, a NH company is leading robotic technology that could lead to all sorts of products including a real life version of my childhood favorite from Florida!

Check em out!

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