If you're like most of us, you collected records as a kid and grew up loving music.

I certainly did; most of us buy the majority of the albums we'll buy in our lives as teens (ya know, the formative years) or so I've read before.

Additionally, I've heard the story so many times from people that they had a decent collection but then they switched bedrooms and a sibling misplaced them; they left for college, mom threw em away or yard sale'd em; they moved a couple times and said records got lost in the shuffle.

(By the way: as a music obsessed kid many of my parent's friends/family would say "does Robby want our old albums.")

Most are not super rare or worth alot of money BUT many someone lost pieces of vinyl, 8-track tape or maybe compact disc hold alot of sentimental value and bring you back to a time and place could you hold them again.

Is there an album you had that you've somehow now lost?

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