No one can deny how convenient Amazon is. Especially if you have Prime! You click on something and it magically appears on your doorstep the next day. What a time to be alive! But we also can't deny that our local businesses are dying a slow and painful death because of the mighty Amazon. It is up to us, the community, to keep these businesses afloat.

I am a little old fashioned when it comes to shopping. If I am buying a dress I like to feel the fabric, try it on in the store, and chat with the fitting room attendant about whether or not it looks good on me (she better say it does or I'm not buying it) We have lived through a pandemic. I don't know about you but I have had enough isolation to last me a lifetime. Let's leave our houses to get stuff and let's buy that stuff at local businesses!

I was driving around in Portsmouth today and I passed by Herbal Path which is a natural pharmacy. The sign outside totally caught my eye:

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

I love that! It is a gentle reminder that says "Hey, guys! We're not billionaires. We aren't going to space in a phallic shaped rocket anytime soon. Come and shop with us, won't you?" and guess what? I did! I turned right around to snap the photo you see above and then I went inside to browse around. The staff was extremely kind and helpful and I actually left with an herbal supplement that is supposed to help me with my sleeping issues. It was a really positive shopping experience.

Check out Herbal Path in Portsmouth or Dover. Small businesses are the fabric of our our community so let's all remember to shop local when we can!

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