Making a great plate of nachos is an art form. Some places have it down to a science, while others have some work to do.

Here are the 10 Nacho Commandments one must follow today, on National Nacho Day (November 6), and every day:

I. Thou must evenly disperse cheese on every chip.

*Chip to cheese ratio is EVERYTHING.

II. Thou must use fresh tortilla chips that still have their crunch about them.

*Stale chips are the enemy.

III. Thou must always provide enough sour cream.

*Don't make me ask for extra, it's bad for my self-esteem.

IV. Thou must use multi-colored chips.

*Sure, they all taste the same. But I like my nachos to come out looking festive and fun! Don't you?

V. Thou must not be shy with the jalapeños.

*Bring on the heartburn!

VI. Thou shalt not say you are out of guacamole.

*I am willing to pay the additional 2.50; please don't crush my dreams.

VII. Thou shall present nachos in a messy unreasonable pile.

*It's weird when they come out looking all neat and organized.

VIII. Thou shall never use fake nacho cheese if real cheese is an option.

*But at the movies or a sporting event? Bring on the fake cheese!

IX. Thou shall never take leftover nachos home.

*We all know that nachos aren't as good reheated. You're better off woofing them all down then and there.

X. Thou shall wash down nachos with a Corona and lime.

Corona and nachos are best friends. Let them be together in your belly in peace and harmony.

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