Here are the updated numbers for the confirmed COVID-19 cases in NH, ME and Massachusetts:

According to NH.Gov, New Hampshire cases with COVID-19:  415

According to Mass.Gov, Massachusetts cases are up to 7,738

According to Maine.Gov, Maine cases haven't been updated yet from yesterday - that count was at 344

These numbers are forcing more and more people to work at home, which if people are like me, makes it a little hard to do.  You don't have your "stuff" around you.  The computer is probably faster and you don't have the distraction of eating everything in the refrigerator or bing-watching Season 3 of Ozark.  I get it.  However, it is the safest thing to do.

When I have to work at home, I remember these three things the most:

A)  I still have a job

B)  This is only temporary and I will be able to work with my co-workers again someday, just not now

3) I have to get up and MOVE.  My butt is becoming part of the couch.

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