Here are the number of COVID-19 cases in NH, Maine and Massachusetts.  These numbers include the number of deaths and the number of recoveries.

According to  2,588

In Maine, 1,205

As NH begins to reopen, according to a story from WMUR, businesses will have access to free personal protective gear provided by the State.  Governor Sununu said yesterday that business owners can apply for masks at  You can also pick them up for free at various Division of Motor Vehicle locations.

Like you, I'm sure, I'll be really happy when all of this is over.  I go back and forth with how I feel about everything daily.  Sometimes I'm willing to get groceries for everyone I know just because I am out doing it, but last night when I had to go the store, all I wanted to do was grab my ice cream and run.  There were people there that didn't have masks on and I wanted to say, "HEY!  WHERE IS YOUR MASK?!  CAN'T YOU SEE I NEED ICE CREAM?!"    UG!


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