I am a native of New Hampshire; born and raised in a barn, so I leave the front door open a lot. Not really. I was born in a hospital, but the barn sounds more interesting.

I have always been a huge ham. As I get older, the stories of how much I threw myself in front of every camera I could find, get more and more embarrassing. My Aunt Aggie took those old 9MM films all the time and I would be the one front and center doing something silly to try and make people laugh.

I have a whole gaggle of siblings, but just one son. I always wanted a bunch of kids, so I got married and got 3 more step-kids. They are almost all out of the house, so we're psyched about the little darlings all being on their own.

Family is the absolute most important thing to me. Second is music. It has pulled me through my life and continues to do so; a constant in my life reminding me that every little thing's gonna be alright. The last gig I had was on TV doing the traffic reports on WMUR, but now, I'm with A-Train and the Shark Morning Show!

I'm an open book most of the time unless you ask me about my college years, then I can't help you. Mostly because I can't remember, but other than that, ask me anything.

Really, you can email me at sarah.sullivan@townsquaremedia.com.

I'm excited to be joining the Shark!

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