April Fools' Day in an office setting is the worst day of the year. It gives annoying coworkers, like the one in the video, a free pass to try and get some undeserved laughs. 

In a perfect world we would all take John Oliver's 'No-Prank Pledge', but, we don't live in perfect world so we have to endure the unfunny folks at the office.

We've seen all the pranks: Messing with the computer mouse, changing your desk chair settings, hanging "new" instruction signs by office printers, hiding fake spiders and snakes.

Or even a food related sign on the office fridge:

april fools' day at the office
Here's Today's Unfunny Try Hard Prank of the Day

HAHA! Good one.

You know what makes this one especially lame? The amount of time and effort. Sure it's not two hours of hanging post-it notes, but it's longer than a verbal prank.

Verbal pranks I can excuse (sort of). Like the one in the video: "Hey did you get the memo? Everyone is getting raises! April Fools!"

Searching the computer for lobster clip-art, arranging it on a word doc, printing to the color printer, neatly writing the words, and taping it on the fridge is ludicrous for absolutely no payoff.

I can't wait for next year. A whole year of planning will give this moron plenty of time to come up with something equally as heinous.

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