Man, I never thought I would see the day where you could walk in to a store and buy pot.  I just didn't think it would ever happen, but as of today, in the state of Massachusetts, you can buy pot legally, but you might have to travel a little bit, according to a story from Channel 7. 

Only two towns in Massachusetts will be able to sell to people 21 or older, Leicester (pronounced, "Lester,") and Northampton.  I've driven through Leicester, but don't really remember it.  Northampton, however, I've spent some time in and they are the perfect choice to sell the first legal pot.  The entire town smells like patchouli.  I hate the smell of patchouli, but I love Northampton.

The report also says that the first purchase of pot in Northampton will be from the Mayor?  I'm not saying that legalization of pot is right or wrong, but doesn't that seem a little crazy?  We live in crazy-world.

To me, this is a time of transition that was inevitable.  In a world where alcohol is legal, there's no argument that pot shouldn't be.  But the Mayor buying the first ounce ... or cookie or whatever... weird.

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