I am totally doing this!

When I was a kid, I had one Grandparent who was still alive.  My Grandmother, Josephine Trombly.  She was a hard-working farm wife who raised 8 children in Milford, NH and by the time I came along, she was in a nursing home.  I don't remember much about her, but I do know that the kids I went to school with all had Grandparents.  Now I can adopt a Grandparent and so can you.

According to a story from MSN, many nursing homes are shutting their doors in an effort to practice social distancing.  The Residents are no longer allowed to gather in groups, leave the building or have anyone come in to visit them, including their own family.  As a consequence, I'm sure that they are getting lonely and some of them very confused as to what's happening.

The report states:

The The “Adopt a Grandparent” campaign, as it’s being called, is the brainchild of CHD Living, a nursing home company with 13 locations near London. They’re inviting English-speakers from across the world to apply online to become virtual volunteers, engaging with their assigned “grandparents” through regular video calls — building companionship and keeping them mentally stimulated.

Fantastic!  If you're interested in volunteering, apply via this link.

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