This is myself and our official 'Shark Morning Show Announcer' Cheryl, this selfie was taken back in the days before the new normal. I have a suggestion that is really simple if you are feeling like you're on a desert island lately.

Train Images
Train Images

Just call the people that you don't get to see anymore!

At least once a week, what feels like months ago, I'd visit Cheryl in her lavishly appointed office and usually end up howling at her stories of daily life in North Andover and she would always be a great audience to whatever foolishness I was obsessed about at the time.

Well, yesterday I had to call her(yes, with a phone) on business (yes, I do have some grown up responsibilities here) and it was just like I was sitting in the corner chair of her office.

Within a minute I was howling and saying outrageous things and all was right with the world.

So, if you are missing someone, just give them a call! Chances are good that they would love to talk with you to. We're all in the same boat with this thing so, don't be shy!

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