On what would have been Opening Day Eve, the Boston Red Sox have cleverly altered their iconic logo in an effort to promote social distancing.

Twitter / Red Sox
Twitter / Red Sox

Instead of six to eight feet, these appear to be two feet at six to eight feet apart.

Just because there are no sports on, my mind is trying to comprehend just how big these Sox would have to be if the space between them IS six feet.

I'd say that these Sox would have to be at least twenty feet tall.

So, with some basic extrapolation, the player that wearing these socks would have to be at least twice the height of the Green Monster (37 feet).

If that person does exist, I suggest signing him or her as a left fielder. There's no way that any home run would make it past their giant reach.

These are the types of things that I think about with no baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, toilet paper, cleaning products, coffee ...

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