Since this pandemic began, the wildlife has been going crazy!  I'm sure they're asking themselves, "Where are the people?!"  The piping plovers took the fireworks from Hampton Beach this year because they spread out on the beach to nest and since they are a protected species, they cannot be moved.  No fireworks.  Sorry, humans.

I haven't seen as many squirrels probably because last year, if you recall, it was Squirrel-aggedon!  Dead squirrels on the road everywhere!  So maybe this year, they are just coming back in normal numbers.  The chipmunks, though.... They are EVERYWHERE!

Every night, we sit at our kitchen table and watch them go back and forth from one end of the porch to the other, over and over and over.  Sometimes, they chase each other trying to get each other's nuts!  At first, I thought it was really cute, but now I think they might be taking over.

We were on our deck last night and the darn things ran right across my feet as we were sitting on our bench!  What the heck is that about!  Almost scared the be-geezus outta me!  Even though I screamed, that didn't seem to bother them a bit.  They kept running right in front of us!

Luckily for me and for you, chipmunks don't usually cause any structural damage.  They build their houses from sticks and miscellaneous stuff they find - not from parts of your house.  So, enjoy them if you can possibly put up with them running around your yard and over your feet.

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