In a world where everything is being cancelled because of COVID-19, it seems almost like a relief that something is cancelled for some other nature-related reason.

Hampton Beach has cancelled the fireworks for the season because of the piping plovers.

According to a press release from Hampton Beach, the endangered piping plover has spread out on the beach while it was closed and the birds decided it was a great place to nest.  If they are moved, chances are, they will be harmed and you can't do that.  the fine caught harming them or their nests is pretty hefty at $25,000!

The Press Release quotes Lisa Martineau, Co-Director of Marketing for the Hampton Beach Village District as saying:

Fireworks are a staple of the summer season. People drive here just to watch them on Wednesdays.  It's sad that we could lose the traditional fireworks after all we have already lost this year...... Hopefully we can find a solution.  I know the commissioners are doing everything they can to find a way to make them happen.

I have to say, although I understand that these birds can't be moved, I am a little disappointed that there will be no fireworks at the beach this year.  I was really hoping for a beautiful sunset, followed by puuurty lights in the sky, but, alas, that can't happen this year.

I wonder if this will be an ongoing problem for NEXT year too?!!  I know that we have a robin's nest just outside of our studios and that Mama bird comes back year after year.  Are the piping plovers the same?  If so, we gotta find another spot to fire off them fireworks!

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