I have never met a living, breathing, human being who doesn't enjoy fried dough. It is HANDS DOWN the best part about going to a fair. And thankfully there is a new fried dough shop in Portsmouth and that means we can all enjoy the best part of a fair without smelling cow poop or going on spinny rides! That's what I'm talking about!

On August 8th, Sineore Cannoli on Congress Street in Portsmouth opened their doors to the public and from what I hear, it was TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!

Andrew Bagley via Facebook
Andrew Bagley via Facebook: Canva

Fried dough seems to be the main attraction but you can also indulge in deep fried Oreos with ice cream:

Jenna Malloy via Facebook

And step aside Dairy Queen, there is a new blizzard on the scene and it looks pretty dang tasty:

Jenna Malloy via Facebook

On the sign it says they sell "fried pizza" I am not quite sure what that means but I am totally down to find out.

Sineore Cannoli has been the talk of the town since it was announced it's opening was announced back in March. We, the people of Portsmouth, are thrilled to have more options for tasty treats on these beautiful streets. I didn't mean to rhyme just then.

The news of Sineore Cannoli opening hit the Seacoast Eats Facebook page and here is what the people are saying:


"I am putting on sweat pants. It's on."


"This stuff looks like its very bad for you- can't wait to stop by and try some 🙃"


"2 doors down from my office. I'm in TROUBLE."

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