With the focus being on 'Hops and Hounds' on June 17th at The Raitt Farm in Eliot, Maine. I thought of the only adopted 'Dog' that's in my extended family. I put the 'Dog' in quotes because I've always suspected she's some kind of hybrid coyote.

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It's Purdy!

My cousin Jana rescued her from the wilds of Montana a few years ago and most vets think she's about 8 years old.

Despite her lycanthropic appearance, she is THE happiest and friendliest dog on earth. She shares her living quarters with a house cat and it amazes me every single time that the cat walks in and she wags her tail.

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She likes to go on walks and eat. Her list of hobbies is very limited but I'd say that napping tops that list as the above picture illustrates.

I guarantee you that if a half border collie/half werewolf like Purdy can be an adopted 'Dog' success story, ANY pooch should be given a chance.

There will be dozens of great dogs for you and your family to adopt at Hops And Hounds on Saturday, June 17th. Please do so! See you there!