So, my wife actually told me about this life hack, not sure where she got the tip from or if she made this up, but it works. This method makes checking your dog for ticks quite easy.

Using a lint roller or brush is effective in removing the ticks that may be crawling on the surface of your dog's fur.

You should still do a more complete check (under the fur) routinely, but this is a simple and quick way to get your dog tick free as soon as they come in the house. My dog actually enjoys it, so it's not a hassle.

I have found two deer ticks (the wicked tiny ones) on Thomas using this method. Easy disposal of ticks too, because they stick to the paper, just fold it over, seal the sides and toss in the garbage.

Again, I can't stress this enough, this tactic only works on ticks on the surface of the fur, you NEED to routinely check under the fur for ticks as well.

Oh right, and speaking of dogs, Thomas and I hope to see you at Hops and Hounds at Raitt Farm in Eliot, Maine on June 17th!


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