With both United and Delta suspending their flights at my favorite airport, I've been in a slight panic that their days are numbered. This WMUR-TV report and interview cleared up a lot of my 'high anxiety'.

61 THOUSAND less passengers from the month of March to the month of April. However, Fed Ex and UPS have been breaking records for freight transportation AND flights for June have returned to in excess of 50% before the pandemic took hold.

I feel a slight bit of guilt as I WAS one of the 68 thousand passengers back in March and NOT one of the passengers since then. But I'm so relieved that MHT is hanging in there.

I love this airport and it more than just a Pavlovian response. Sure, whenever I'm there I'm either ecstatic that I'm about to embark on my umpteenth (31 total) Las Vegas trip, or, after 5 days in Sin City, I'm returning to the good and decent people of The Granite State.

I am all about the parking lot. I know that my car is secure and will be just like I left it AND if there are blizzards while I'm gone, I'll still be able to get out of that parking lot. Even if my battery is dead in sub zero temps, they will give me a jump free of charge.

From the shuttle bus, to the check in desk, through the TSA , perhaps to the bar room, and then on to the plane, everyone is wonderfully friendly and totally competent.

Hopefully the darkest days are behind them and I'll see them all again soon.

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