You tend to see more reports about lengthy waits around New Hampshire's 'Fixed Sites' than you do about fast and efficient visits. I, for one, couldn't have been happier with my experience at the Dover NH location yesterday.

Dover Fixed Site

Time Of Arrival 1:42PM

I pulled into the C&J Bus Lines station at exactly this time, just eight minutes early for my 1:50PM window.

I'd say that my car was probably fifteen cars back in line and within about two minutes, a friendly National Guard member asked for my ID and told me I was all set and to follow everyone ahead until I got to the stop sign.

Time Of Final Processing 1:50PM

At EXACTLY the first minute of my pre-assigned window, another National Guard member waved me from the aforementioned stop sign, to another stop sign alongside the bus station. I got to pull in front of several cars that were lined up! I felt like I was in the VIP section!

Time Of Vaccination 1:52PM

A friendly MD introduced herself and advised me to open my driver's side door and roll up my left sleeve, within a few seconds the needle was in and out and she answered my questions about what brand it was (Pfizer) and what I should be looking for if I do have a reaction in the next few minutes.

Another National Guard member, also very friendly, gave me my official vaccination card with the date for four weeks from now.

He said that the email I'd receive about my time window wasn't a mandatory time. If I returned at any point that day (8AM-8PM) they would give me the vaccination with little hassle. And if I needed to reschedule it, I could do so online.

Time I Left The Reaction Holding Zone 2:08PM

This is a parking lot just a few yards away from where I received the vaccination. I waited the full fifteen minutes for any sort of anaphylaxis, felt none, and left!

Twenty six minutes total and all four people that I spoke to were so helpful, calming and friendly.

Other than me being a wimp about the needle, everything was terrific!

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