Considering the Atlantic Hurricane Season gets kicked off in June, it really has been a very quiet season.  Until the last few weeks, we have not really mentioned anything about hurricanes, or even tropical storms.

However, in the last few days, we have been hearing about a few different storms.  Last week, we started hearing about Hurricane / Tropical Storm Danielle.  Now, we're getting word there is another storm churning up in the Atlantic Ocean.  And, this one is likely to affect us here in New England.

According to News Center Maine, Hurricane Earl is on its way to becoming a "major" hurricane.  It is expected to jump to at least a Category 3 hurricane by Thursday evening.  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine could feel the affects of the storm, which is expected to work its way up the east coast, on Friday and Saturday.

At this point, the hurricane is expected to be off the coast of Massachusetts by early Friday morning.  It will be off the coast of Maine by mid-afternoon on Friday.

National Hurricane Center
National Hurricane Center

While it will remain a significant distance from the coast, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center are saying that the New England coast could end up dealing with winds and maybe some rain.  These winds could cause 5 or 6 foot swells along the Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts coastlines.

Because of these swells, swimmers and people in smaller boats are being urged to use caution.

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