Believe it or not, apple picking season is here already! According to this WMUR-TV report, the 'Pick Your Own' orchards will still operate, but just like everything else, the rules have changed to create a safer environment.

Meadow Ledge Farm in Loudon has adapted new guidelines that make perfect sense and I have to think other orchards will be doing the same.

Masks are to be worn at all times and if you are feeling any symptoms that are similar to Covid-19, please wait at least 10 days before visiting.

If you touch ANY apple, please pick it and put it in your basket and if you eat any apple while in the orchard, keep the core until you can dispose of it properly. Throwing an apple core on the ground will not only spread germs, in my humble opinion, it's RUDE.

They have a clever new way to ensure that their baskets will remain safe as well.

We are picking with the red baskets with plastic liners as usual---however we need your help: when you return to the area behind the store, please proceed to the designated table(s).

This year we are asking people to tie up your own apple bags AND leave the red basket in the stack there so it can be sanitized. - Meadow Ledge Farm

For anyone familiar with my previous posts, I'm a bit of an apple maniac.

Sarah Sullivan Photo Credit
Sarah Sullivan Photo Credit

The thought of NOT being able to wolf down the Jersey Mac's of August, the Macouns of September, and the Granny Smiths of October due to the carelessness of others would drive me right up a tree!

Let be safe out there folks!

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