The Cal Ripken All Star tourney is underway at Dover's Beckwith Park and last night Roger Allen of Rochester crushed the baseball until the game was ended due to the  'Mercy Rule'.

Caleb and Connor

These articles aren't so much about providing a public service to report on great local sports. They are my outlet to brag about my nephews and I have plenty to write about because both of them were unleashing line drives all over Strafford County yesterday.

I think Connor may have had more hits than Caleb (statistics are not my strong point) but Caleb had one at bat for the ages. He connected squarely on a fastball that rocketed past the center fielder. He never hesitated while rounding the bases and sure enough was waved home SAFE!

To hit an 'inside the park home run' at an All Star level is quite an accomplishment and I don't remember ever seeing one at an All Star tourney.

10 rule run

After the bottom of the 4th inning, the game was called. I'm not sure if the 'Mercy Rule' is a 10 run rule or a 15 run rule at this particular tournament.

But with the roller coaster-like twists and turns of 11 year old baseball, Roger Allen could easily suffer the same fate on a night where nothing goes right for them either. It's just another way that sports teach us about life. Sometimes we all need a little mercy when we're down fifteen runs be it literal or figurative.

Roger Allen is currently 2-0 and this is a double elimination tourney.


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