The pandemic is really changing the way we live and work and this is just more proof of that.  More and more, we can work wherever we live, so that's changing where we search for real estate.

I couldn't believe it when I read the article from that put four New England Towns in the top 10 of the most searched places to live.  One of them, I grew up next to!

Coming in at Number 4:  Melrose, Massachusetts.  Melrose is approximately 10 miles North of Boston.  Hell, you could even ride your bike in to the city if there was a reason to go to the City anymore.  Melrose is part of the T stop, so no problem getting around using public transit and downtown Melrose is quaint with lots of shops and restaurants for you to enjoy all while living outside of the "not so bustling city" of Boston.  Also, houses sell in Melrose FAST, with an average listing time of onlly 19 days.

South Portland, Maine comes in at Number 5.  No, it's not the Southern part of Portland.  South Portland is a city all on its own located just outside of Portland, easy access just off of 95 and offers a slightly more affordable home than going in to plain ol' Portland.  Also, South Portland is home to Bug Light Park, a beautiful place to take the family.  Scratch Bakery in South Portland is home to the "I'm sorry we're sold out of all of our delicious bagels."  Omg... they are so good.  No surprise why South Portland made the list.  Houses for sale in South Portland usually spend only 21 days on the market.

On the other hand, I AM surprised at the next two.

Hudson, NH comes in at Number 7.  I don't get this one.  I grew up in Nashua and I feel the same about Nashua, no offense to my old home sweet home.  The numbers don't lie, however, people really like Hudson for the "tax free" status, lower cost of living and easy commute to Boston, again - if you actually had to go in to the city.  Houses in Hudson sell in about 22 days.  Lightning speed.

And last New England town in the Top 10, Worcester, Mass:  (pronounced:  "WIS-ster" or "WOOS-ster" depending on where you are, but NEVER War-chester.)  People like Worcester because of its historic homes and culturally diverse population.  Their schools are rated quite high and Worcester State University is located right in the heart of the city.  Worcester Polytech is also located in town, so, it makes for a thriving community.  Homes usually sell in about 21 days after going on the market.

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