No matter what 'uncertainty' and 'chaotic turmoil' is befalling the entire world, in our little corner of it, you can still set your watch to Mother Nature's signs that Fall will be here soon.

NH's 5 Signs That Fall Is Coming Soon

For about 40 years, I swore that around early August, fresh cut grass began to smell a bit like apple juice. However, the lawns that I recall smelling that way all had crab apple trees within the vicinity so I'm pretty sure it was the apples the whole time.

The crab apple photo that I took for this post is from the backyard of the Bob Fuller Media Center here in Dover and let me tell you, in another few weeks they'll start to ferment and the entire property smells like rancid cider.

And for those of you that may be angry with my aggressive defense of the Goldenrod, I did not mean to discount your allergy, hear me out first! It is possible that if you have the somewhat rare allergy to flower pollen, you can suffer the effects of a Goldenrod bloom.

It's just that the effects of ragweed are that much stronger and that much more common. Some people misidentify Goldenrod as 'ragweed' and that to me is far more offensive a mistake.

As pretty as Morning Glories are, they always filled me with a sense of dread. Once you see them bloom, more than likely you are just days away from returning to school. They look much prettier now that the days of learning things are thankfully far behind me.

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