Listen as our Boston Sports Insider gives a shout out to a true Boston Sports Superstar that NEVER gets the credit he richly deserves. This will get you pumped for the B's in the 2nd round!

Patrice Bergeron

Who have been the GREATEST Boston Sports stars of the millennium?


Everyone agrees quickly on Brady and Ortiz and then everyone throws all these names around but NOBODY mentions Patrice, who I think is Number Three.


Nobody thinks of him. All he does is quietly do his job with excellence. And I'm talking every aspect of the job.


Offense, defense, leadership and faceoffs. EVERYTHING you need out of a hockey player? He excels at it.


He's everything you want in a player, but he's SO GOOD you take it for granted. - Tom Caron on Patrice Bergeron

The game winning goal he scored in Game 5 was just such a cool thing to see. He gets the puck back from his own tip in that went wide, the entire Carolina team and goalie looks back up ice to see any developing rushes and he calmly yet quickly fires a perfect shot off Mrazek's skates that ricochets to the promised land.

From behind the net! Who shoots from behind the net?

I'm telling ya, the guy is James Bond but he's non-fiction.

It doesn't seem possible that we've been watching him since 2003 and he really hasn't slowed down a bit. It's like he's just always been there, overlooked and underrated and one of the best there is.


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