The most UNIQUE gifts you will ever find are in Rye, New Hampshire at Say It In 3D. This place blew me away and it'll blow you away too!

So, at Say It In 3D, they create FULL COLOR sandstone sculptures of just about anything! The place is filled with unbelievably detailed figures-comic book characters, pets, people, even objects like skateboards. So many cool visuals in there, my 4 year old was in awe as was I.

The process was so easy and took very little time and I had a 1 and 4 year old with me so that's really saying something. We just showed up and Tony put us right into the 3D photo booth, he took pictures of me with my wife and two kids, he did just me and just my daughters, seriously the whole process took under 15 minutes.

Talk about a great unique gift! I'm telling ya, something for EVERYONE! Check this out!

On June 24th I will be at Say It In 3D in Rye for a celebration, they're located at 101 Lafayette Road.

Stop by, enjoy some refreshments and learn about 3D printing and be astonished at their 3D Photogrammetry. Step in the booth and have a figurine made.

These statues can be Christmas tree ornaments, wedding cake toppers or just a cool decoration. There are so many options and possibilities at Say It In 3D you need to see it for yourself!

Just keep in mind it may take about a week and a half to get your statue.


Thanks to Tony we had a fabulous experience, see you on the 24th!

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