Father's Day is June 17. On behalf of dad's everywhere, I beg you not to give him a tie, or socks, or a six-pack of beer...even if he loves beer.

Let me be honest with you. Dad's are sensitive creatures. We have feelings. We know we pale in comparison to mom's. Don't you think each Mother's Day we sit back and watch with envy, the love, praise, and gifts you heap on your mom? And it's not just you. Society places Mom on a pedestal. No one takes Dad out for Father's Day brunch. Nope...they buy him a grill, if he's lucky...then expect him to fire it up and cook for everyone. Meanwhile, Mom gets limo service to the best restaurant in town. There's a bouquet of flowers on the table, an expensive card, and great gifts.

I'm not saying dad's don't love a great grill. We do! But maybe you put it together and cook a steak for him. Most dads aren't particular. Actually we're just glad you remember where we live. But this year, why not put a little extra effort into it? I actually just ran across an idea for you.

A1 Steak Sauce via Facebook
A1 Steak Sauce via Facebook

The people behind A-1 steak sauce just introduced a new line of candles. Yes, candles. But before you scoff at giving your manly father a candle...check this out. These candles smell like meat.  The three scents are Original Meat, which smells like steak... Backyard BBQ...and Burger.

Delish says, you can order them for $15 each at A1MeatScents.com.  And if you're really not willing to grill a T-Bone for the man that taught you how to ride a bike, throw a baseball, or ran off the monsters in your closet when you were a kid...the least you can do is give him a candle that smells like one.

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