Stranger Things 4 is streaming on Netflix now

For what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Netflix finally blessed us with the first half of Season 4 of the insanely popular Stranger Things last Friday leading into the long Memorial Day Weekend. Since the show became available, fans have been ripping through episodes, which has broken an all-time record for biggest-ever premiere weekend of an English language series, according to Variety.

Much like in seasons past, with brand new episodes of Stranger Things, we're seeing the members of The Party -- Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, El, and Max -- (some of which are members of a new group called Hellfire Club -- don't worry, that doesn't spoil anything if you haven't watched the new season yet) battle yet a brand new monster.

The setting for Stranger Things is purely fictional

One question that seems to always be asked surrounds the setting of the show -- Hawkins, Indiana. Is Hawkins a real place or was it made up specifically for the plot? According to The Sun, Hawkins is in fact a fictional place made up by the show's creators.

But that begs the question -- what if Stranger Things was actually set in a real place, and what if that place was Maine? If, in fact, Stranger Things was set in Vacationland (first off, it wouldn't be nicknamed Vacationland anymore, that's for sure), here are 9 monsters that members of The Party could try to save the world from.

These Would Be the 9 Monsters to Battle if 'Stranger Things' Was Set in Maine

They'd be a mixture of Maine myths and corrupted/cursed Maine staples.

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