Apps can really make your life easier.  I almost hate to say that because we are so saturated with technology, sometimes I yearn for the days of actually using my phone to TALK TO SOMEONE, but that doesn't happen these days.  Now, your phone is part of your body.  Literally, it feels like another arm.  We don't leave the house without it.

There is literally an app for everything.  EVERYTHING.  I was just playing a game in the app store.  I would insert anything and up would pop several apps.  For instance, I put in "knitting" and found a bunch.  Gluten free foods, good parking spaces, breathing... you name it.

One app that was discontinued in 2018 that I wish would come back is the one for NH Fish and Game called the "Pocket Ranger."  Cute name, right?  Here's why it's not available according to their website:

With the shift in consumption of information transitioning to smartphones and hand-held devices rather than personal computers, the Department’s goal is to provide a single, comprehensive digital point of information for the public through its website.

If you live here in New England, however, these apps are the most useful for you to download.  I will warn you, however, there is one app listed here that may discourage you from ever going for a swim in our beautiful oceans again.  Yes, it's a shark tracker.  You can see exactly where great whites have been spotted off the coast of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  The Northernmost sighting was off the coast of Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

If You Live in New England You Need These Awesome Apps

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