Women farmers have always been a big part of the agriculture of New Hampshire. This was news to some, according to an article from Seacoast Online, but in my family, women have been the center of what went on the table right beside the men.

My mother grew up on a farm in MIlford, NH. It used to be a dairy farm, but over the years, it's transformed in to a garden filled with flowers, fruits and vegetables. They also make honey and maple syrup. "Trombly Gardens" still sells to locals and beyond. You should really go some time if you have the opportunity.  (Especially with this weather we are having. Ugh.)

My grandmother, Josephine, lived her life helping out her husband, my grandfather, Ectus Trombly, plow the fields, weed the gardens and milk the cows. They had eight children who also helped out from morning until night. School was sandwiched in between and eventually one of their sons, my Uncle Stanley, took over the farm.

My grandmother could not do everything, so my mother, motivated by hunger at the age of 9, ended up cooking for the whole family of 8 children, two parents and many other farm hands that would end up staying for dinner. Without everyone helping out, nothing got done around the farm.

Here's to many more decades of local farming, no matter what the gender. No farms, no food! Way to go to the women of NH making our food with love literally from the ground up!

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