Can I ever just go to Tendercrop Farms in Dover just for peaches and not drop over 60 bucks?

I went there on Saturday because I was starving and all I needed was fresh fruit. Tendercrop is filled with delectable delights and you should never go there when you’re starving, but I have been on a strict diet and I intend to stay on it, so I thought I was absolutely safe, until I saw the blueberry pie. I had to get some for the family! Then I saw some of the most incredible looking broccoli that I have ever seen, so I had to get that too. Broccoli is on my diet, so I could justify that.


Turn the corner and BAM, there’s a gift shop! I found a dish towel that says, “Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy cows and cows make milk and milk makes ice cream and ice cream makes you happy.” How could I not get that for my sister? Then I saw a coffee mug that for beautifully in my hand with another saying on it that reminded me of my Mother. I picked that up too.
There was a new kind of tea that I hadn’t ever tried before, so I had to pick up that, of course.  OH, I almost forgot the beef tips for my husband’s dinner.... a ready made salad because I’m too tired to put one together myself and three peaches. For my diet.
Total- 60-something. I’ll probably do the same thing the next time I go in for just one thing.

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