On this very special episode of 'A View From The Booth', Sarah wonders how Bob puts up with the exuberance of Scott Zolak. Is he ever annoyed by him?

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I'll be honest with you and I've had this conversation before with other people in the business. Honestly, most of the time I'm oblivious to whatever he's shouting or saying.


However, there are occasions though where he'll say something and there is a slight pause on my behalf.


Yesterday, there was a moment during the James White touchdown play yesterday where he starts in motion and

Zo said 'NO!' and I thought 'Did I get it wrong?'


The big thing for me is to stay focused and a lot of times I'm oblivious to whatever he's saying.


- Bob Socci on if Zo ever annoys him

The unintelligible grunts, hoots and other noises that Zo makes as the plays unfold really create an added level of texture to the presentation of a Socci/Zolak broadcast.

Much like catchers that broadcast in baseball, former quarterbacks are very in tune to all moving parts of a play while it's in motion. What Zo was saying 'NO!' to, could have been anything, but as a listener I enjoy Scott's interjections.

Even though they're not any kind of traditional language, it does aid in the theatre of the mind and I can tell by those odd snorts, squawks and squeaks if a play is about to go well or fail miserably.

Luckily, our good friend Bob is there to then translate it to the rest of Pats fans such as myself.

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