When your region of the country DOMINATES half of professional sports, hot takers, enraged fakers and trolls have nothing else to do but create controversy. I'm here to defend Gronk on the subject of projectile parade pilsners.

The year was 2015 and our beloved Pats had just stolen a victory from the clutches of defeat in Glendale, Arizona less than 48 hours prior to this 'incident'.

Rob Gronkowski, seen in the above video, apparently chugs a can of beer and then gives the empty vessel a very impassioned "Gronk Spike" to the delight of thousands.

Unfortunately, during the next two Championship parades, (Pats February 2017 and Red Sox last October) there has been an onslaught of 12 Ounce projectiles being thrown at high velocity and causing damage and injuries. And a lot of people have been blaming Gronk as the cause because of the '2015 beer spike'.

Gronk may seem like an out of control frat house miscreant at times, but for the most part, it's just an act.

He has proven himself to be responsible with other safety related national causes and shouldn't be seen as solely responsible for idiots throwing full beer cans fifty yards at 50 MPH.

There have been many warnings from the Mayor of Boston and Boston Police Commissioner William Gross that this kind of behavior will not be allowed. I have to think(and hope) that what happened a few months ago, will not be repeated.

And if anything does happen, DON'T BLAME GRONK!

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