It's PI day, which is a number thing, of course, however, people always turn everything in to an excuse to eat.  Oh, wait.... that's just ME.  I turn everything in to food and this time.... pie... yum!.

One of Aaron's favorite pies is the good ol' American apple pie.  He reminded me that here in New England, it was a VERY Yankee thing to add a slice of very sharp Cheddar to the pie.  My Mother used to put the slice of cheddar right underneath the top crust of the pie, so it would melt a little.  Others would just have the cheddar cheese as a side to the pie, but there was something about putting that cheesy goodness right in the middle of those apples that, for me, was the most satisfying.  I thought that everyone across the country did the same thing, but apparently, it's just New England.

Some people who called in to the show or commented on our Facebook page seemed to be horrified by the notion that we would put cheese in our pie, but I say to them.... Cheesecake has been a staple dessert since as long as I can remember, so I would argue that a hunka cheddar can be sweet OR savory.

Whatever your choice is - HAPPY PI DAY!


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