Yesterday, I confessed the peculiar way I eat Twix, so in keeping with the bizarre consumption of Halloween candy theme...this is how I eat Starburst.

This confection was introduced to American markets in 1967 from Mars, Inc. imported from the UK where they are still known as Opal Fruits.

Train Images
Train Images

I don't bother with all the weird flavor variations I always stick with the original. The best way to separate each flavor is to do so in stacks as you see in the above picture. This is the quickest way to determine if you have been distributed the proper amount of each flavor.

There are 12 in each pack and I've been getting 3 of each for years(Cherry, Strawberry, Orange and Lemon) but if I do not stack them this way I swear I get 11 Lemons and 1 Orange. I eat all flavors in reverse order of my favorite starting with Lemon then Orange then mix Cherry and Strawberry together as they make for a great hybrid.

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