Oh Halloween! The most glorious time to be alive if you love candy. Bite size, full size or king size. I've never seen a piece of Halloween candy I didn't love. Well except candy corn. That stuff is just disgusting! But I digress.

If you woke up this morning to find your kids have eaten at least half of their candy stash after going trick-or-treating...then maybe it's time to toss the rest of their booty.
Oh I know it's not going to be easy. I have two sons and I remember then hiding candy all over the house so I wouldn't seize it once the sugar rush kicked into high gear. They also knew I'd eat every Twix bar in their plastic pumpkins if they didn't stash it someplace.

But here's how you can work a deal with your kids to turn over some of their candy.

Tell them you'll trade them for whoopie pies and pizza. Then take all of the candy to the Newburyport Dental Associates.  According to their Facebook page, you can drop your Halloween candy off at their office between November 1-9, 2018. In exchange, they'll give you a coupon to Chococoa or Anchor Stone Deck Pizza.

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