Halloween is still a month away. But Halloween candy has been in the stores for the last two weeks. So that means it's time to start the annual debate: what's the BEST Halloween candy?

According to a study prepared by the Candy Store, it depends on where you live in the United States. They took 11 years of data...crunched the numbers, and made this interactive map so you can see 2018's most popular candy state-by-state.

Overall, American's love their Skittles. We bought more of those colorful little candies than any other. My favorite, M&Ms came in second. And Snickers round out the Top 3 Most Popular Handy in the United States.


So what about those of us in New England? Well as similar as we are in many ways...we're all very different when it comes to Halloween candy. For instance:

Maine: Sour Patch Kids take first place. Starburst and M&M's are second and third.

Massachusetts: like Mainers, folks in Massachusetts love their Sour Patch Kids. The Bay State purchased almost 79,000 pounds of Sour Patch Kids. Butterfinger was second on their list. And Dubble Bubble Gum was third.

New Hampshire: Starburst was tops with Granite Staters. M&M's second. Snickers third place.

Vermont: leave it to the Ben & Jerry lovers to go in a totally different direction than the rest of us. Milk Way was their favorite Halloween candy. They were the only state in New England to have Skittles in their top three. They were second. And M&M's were number three.

Whatever Halloween candy you enjoy...I'll suggest buying the opposite. That way you actually give it out instead of turning out the lights on Trick-or-Treat night and sitting in a dark room eating it all yourself. I may or may not have first-hand knowledge of doing that.

Happy Halloween.

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