It's time now to a play a little game I like to call "is it the Moon or Sebago Lake?"

I understand that sounds ridiculous, but it won't be once you see these images. First, let's start with a reference point for both Sebago Lake and the Moon.

First, an aerial look at lovely Sebago Lake, which is located roughly 15 miles northwest of Portland.

Sea Me
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Now a surface image of the Earth's Moon.

Moon surface
Getty Images/iStockphoto

This is a very common surface image of the Moon. I would assume neither of the images are that new to anyone. But, it's always important to start with a reference.

Now, for the main event. Let's play the game.

Here is the image in question.

Karl Ramsdell via Facebook
Karl Ramsdell via Facebook

This stunning image is clearly the moon Sebago Lake. A very icy Sebago Lake. Karl Ramsdell, administrator for the Facebook page MAINE WIldlife, took these incredible images with a drone.

Karl had been skating for hours, and noticed the very cool ice pattern. He decided to grab his drone and get some shots. He would then post this on Facebook.

A perfect description from Karl. It does indeed look like another planet.

It's incredible to see how alive ice the is. It's not the simple, one-note, colorless substance it looks like from ground level. Observing it from above truly shows its beauty. It also gives you a sense of the engineering of the freeze, with the flows literally freezing in time.

Karl also posted a video from the drone. It gives you a sense of how vast and amazing the ice formation is.

The world never ceases to amaze us with its beauty and mystery. A big thanks to Karl for sharing his amazing work with us.

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