New Hampshire was placed in the top five states to have a baby. Find out why.


I was not born in the Granite State, although I have lived here most all of my life, but it seems to be the spot for newborn babies.

WalletHub named New Hampshire the number five top state to give birth based on economic, healthcare and environmental considerations. Among the positive factors our state has going for it are low infant death rates and hospital charges.

The website reports that, according to a report from the International Federation of Health Plans, the average cost of a conventional delivery in America is $9,775.

We do have some of the lowest birth rates in the country, according to Baby Center, but it seems like we in the Granite State go for quality over quantity. Fun Fact: The most popular days to give birth are Tuesdays, and the most popular month is September.

Who ranked last? Why that would be the fine state of Alabama.