It starts as a normal night in the bar, and then one of your foolish friends decides to take comedic matters into his own hands and sits in a chair that is obviously meant for a small child.  This is exactly why a grown man should not try and sit in a high chair.  Sure, it's easy to get in, but getting out is an entirely different story.  At first his friends were happy to help, laughing as they try and free him, but towards the end of the video, they just want to get back to drinking and don't want to be bothered with his predicament.  He is extremely lucky that his buddies didn't steal his pants from him when he took them off.  They should have snagged his jeans and left the bar, leaving him stuck in a high chair in his undies.  Harsh?  Absolutely, but I bet he would never do it again.  I wonder if he ever got out of the chair.  That's what is so frustrating about this video.  There is no conclusion.  You never see him free from the chair, it just ends.