Who's ready to skip the rest of this month and September, and start celebrating Halloween? I've had it with 2020, and the horrifying COVID-19 it brought. I want this year to be over with, and I know I am not alone in declaring 2020, the year of the rat, to be one of the worst years ever, at least in my lifetime.

So, Halloween cannot get here quickly enough. I am excited to see candy and decorations on the grocery store shelves so early this year, and I've already bought a few bags. You may have noticed it too, the last time you went shopping. Eater is reporting that Halloween candy is out two to three weeks earlier than it has been in previous years. The reason? "To bolster sales." Candy makers are concerned about how the pandemic is going to affect Halloween, because this is usually the time of year when they make bank. Trick-or-treating is obviously not going to be the same this year. For all we know, it may never be the same again. I hope we will return to some degree of normalcy in the very near future; however, no one knows for sure.

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