For almost a week, meteorologists warned us that the April storm bearing down on New England would be huge.  However, most of us did not grasp just how much snow we'd end up getting.

Normally, when we get hit with a winter storm, it only lasts a few hours.  It quickly sweeps through the state, dumping snow or sleet, then goes out to sea or up to Canada.

This storm is much different.

Why is it so different?  It is enormous!  According to the radar maps, the storm stretched from Buffalo, New York to Eastern Maine.  For the last day, it has slowly swirled above Maine, dropping a mix of freezing rain and snow.

Additionally, the snow falling across Maine is wet and heavy.  This has led to numerous power outages.  At one point, over 300,000 Mainers were without power.

As of 7 PM on Thursday, the snow is still coming down in Central Maine.  We do not have the final snow totals yet, but the ones we do have are pretty wild.

How much snow did your town or city get?

Maine Snowfall Totals April 2024

Here are the snowfall totals for the April 2024 Nor'easter. This information comes from the National Weather Service.

As of the time this article was written, it appears that we will continue to get precipitation throughout most of Thursday night.

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