Soccer season for kids is generally in the fall, so no doubt you'll be seeing players take to the fields, dribbling balls and scoring goals.

That's all probably done on some fresh-cut grass fields, right?

But did you know there's a New Hampshire city that just got a brand new soccer mini pitch that's paved?

According to a Facebook post from the Concord Parks and Rec Department, the first mini pitch in the city is now playable right in Keach Park.

The parks department notes that the surface is paved, so no, it's not turf or concrete you'd be playing on.

Construction on the sports project began in April and finished in July, according to the parks department. The hope with this installation was that it would be "one more positive outdoor activity for residents."

The Concord Monitor reported that the size of the mini pitch is about 50 x 100 feet and will be lit. Say hello to some soccer as the sun sets.

This is just one of the many mini pitches that have been popping up across the country. So if you're a soccer fan, this is right up your alley.

The US Soccer Foundation has even highlighted that over 500 mini pitches have gone up in the United States and hopes to have 1,000 by 2026.

The foundation notes a number of positive outcomes after the installation of a mini pitch from the community being more active to more people having access to soccer.

Ed Foster-Simeon, president & CEO of the U.S. Soccer Foundation, said in a news release from the foundation, “Because mini-pitches are located right in neighborhoods where children live and go to school, they make play the easy choice and provide a safe place for children and families to enjoy the many benefits of soccer when they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.”

So will you be getting out to the pitch? Have you already? Have your kids?

Hopefully, this Concord location will have similar positive results that other spots in the country have seemed to have had with their own new mini soccer pitches.

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