Maine is doing something it's never done before, and many think this is very interesting. Either it's going to be outstandingly successful, or it will crash and burn. It's called home sharing. Maine is starting its first home sharing program this June.

MaineHousing and a company called Nesterly are working together to launch this program, according to WGME.

Nesterly helps to connect homeowners, especially older folks who live alone, with younger adults who need an affordable place to stay.

This sounds like a great idea, right? Why not kill two birds with one stone.

According to the article, Maine State Housing Authority's director, Daniel Brennan, believes this program can offer companionship, which is important for mental and overall health, especially for older people who live alone.

The program is catered towards retirees or empty nesters to pair with younger folks looking for affordable housing. This would probably make a great reality TV show, just saying.

As we all know, our housing situation isn't great right now.

A lot of people my age, in their 30s and 40s, don't think they'll ever own a home. I'm one of the fortunate few among my friends who actually does own one.

I am also glad to hear that MaineHousing is planning this, and hope it works.

And if any of you were thinking about safety, they are planning on doing background checks on everyone involved in this program to ensure safety.

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