When traveling into the state, it is common knowledge that certain items are not allowed. Well, I learned recently that there is one natural and very common item that is banned from being brought into our beautiful state of Maine.

Also, by not bringing this item into Maine, you are protecting our wildlife. Have you made any guesses yet?

According to Maine.gov, bringing untreated firewood into Maine is officially prohibited. Why?

The Maine Forest Service is emphasizing the importance of leaving your firewood at home. Unchecked, harmful insects and diseases pose a significant threat to our native trees and forests in Maine.

Bringing untreated firewood into the state could spread diseases, posing a risk to the health of our forests. It is crucial to stop bringing in firewood to Maine so that you can protect and preserve our state's natural ecosystems.

Which diseases/insects could be spread to Maine from out-of-state firewood?

What potential threats does this traveling firewood carry to Maine?

Among them is oak wilt, a highly destructive disease that affects oak trees. This lethal ailment has been identified as close as New York, underscoring the importance of vigilance to prevent its introduction into Maine's ecosystem.

The invasive moth is something that is very hard to get rid of. They lay their eggs in the trees and then they will spread to other trees and forests.

Spotted lanternfly is up next, and we know just how annoying these beautiful guys are. Don't let there pretty spots fool you though, they are invasive and suck all the sap from our trees.

There are many more invasive species and diseases that could be spread to our forests in Maine if you bring untreated firewood into the state.

It's important to buy your firewood locally.

The site goes onto say that if you have already brought in firewood, do not take it back with you to bring home. Burn it! If you can't burn it within 24 hours, you can visit this website.

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