Crops are essential for our planet, right? Well, there are some valuable crops right here in Maine that might surprise you. Let's shine a light on them, because I was amazed to find out that some were even considered as crops.

Despite the state of Maine being so far north, our state does have a pretty awesome crop scene. The state is a hub for various crop cultivation. We export and sell these Maine crops, which reach markets across the nation.

According to A-Z Animals, the export of these crops brings in money that supports our hard-working farmers and businesses throughout Maine.

So it's pretty obvious that these crops are integral to Maine's agricultural landscape, but what are the most valuable?

Apples, potatoes, and blueberries are all commonly-known crops, but did you know that hay was a crop? I didn't! We also have a liquid that is a crop. I couldn't believe that either.

Let's dive into five of Maine's most valuable crops! Are they valuable? We shall see.

Below is a list of Maine's five most valuable crops, according to A-Z Animals. 

The Most Valuable Crops in Maine - Two Will Shock You

I didn't even know these were crops!

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