Newer dog parents may not think about the damage a hot sidewalk could potentially do to their pups' paw pads, especially because dogs are notorious for acting like everything is okay when they're in pain, which can get dangerous. The first question I always ask myself when I'm deciding if my own pup, Maverick, is safe to walk somewhere is, "Would my own bare feet be safe doing this?" If the answer is no, I don't allow him to do whatever it may be at the time. However, during the hotter months, it's harder to safely navigate walks with your pup, since a non-negotiable part of their day is to go outside.

Does it hurt dogs' paws to walk on hot pavement?

According to, the answer is simple: yes.

Yes, even on warm days, in certain conditions, pavements can become hot enough to cause pain, discomfort and even burn your dog's paws. Although you may think your dog's paw pads are quite tough, it's important to remember that they are still made of skin and can be just as sensitive as the bottom of your feet.

However, it is not impossible to protect those cute little jelly beans and still be able to take your favorite neighborhood walking route. Here are five safety ideas to explore the next time you're wondering what you can do to help your doggo not burn their skin. Here's a list from to get you started:

  1. Walk Your Dog When It Is Cool Outside.
  2. Avoid Walking on Hot Surfaces.
  3. Invest in a Paw Wax.
  4. Watch Out for Abnormal Signs.
  5. Get a Doggy Stroller.
  6. Get Doggy Footwear.

It will take a minute for your pet to get used to having something on their paws, but they'll eventually figure it out. Here's the first time I put protective shoes on my pup, if you want to giggle:

Side note: L.L.Bean in Freeport has cute booties for your pup to wear. They are also meant to be worn as rain boots, so it's killing two birds with one sword. Maverick loves them.


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