Burgers get all the attention, but sometimes, you just want a really good hot dog!

From the steamed dog with a special relish to a fancy Bao dog that is a fancy meal, the hot dog is still loved in Maine. I think the hot dog has grown up a lot. We used to think of it as cheap kid food that was always slathered in ketchup. Don't get me wrong, that's still a go-to for many, but the hot dog is more than that. Especially in Maine when you have the choice of a red snapper. You know, the iconic red hot dog Maine is known for.

Yelp Judy A
Yelp Judy A

I'm on the fence about a red snapper. I don't mind them, but I'm certainly not in love with them. Whether it's a red snapper or all-beef frank, there's the matter of the bun; toasted vs not toasted. Or is your preference for a steamed roll? I like them all, depending on my mood. Of course, how you cook your hot dog also comes into play. Is your hot dog steamed, fried, or grilled?  It all counts toward the experience you want. One of the top 15 (spoiler alert) on the list is Flo's.  Flo's (not the original Florence) has been around since 1959 on Route 1 in Cape Neddick. Why is Flo's famous? Her secret weapon is the relish that you can actually pick up at Kittery Trading Post on Route One in Kittery.

Lori Voornas

Did your favorite make the list? If it's not here, let me know!

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Gallery Credit: Lori Voornas

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