It's always so cool to look back and see what the ground you walk on everyday looked like at a time where you weren't even born. Portland, Maine, has so much history behind it, so to see what this little city looked like when the history all began is really, really cool.

If you're a Portland native, the pond in Deering Park is pictured in the video below from 1905, and it's really cool to see. Now we've got popular baseball and soccer fields lining the park and even a small but personal concert venue.

Also, check out what the Maine General Hospital looked like back in 1905. It's so hard to visually place a hospital vibe inside what looks like a castle, but that was the architecture from back then. So cool.

Lastly, check out what the fire department looked like in 1905. Fire trucks were literally horse and buggies. You'll see all the horses lined up outside their station made of bricks (also resembling a castle), which will really catapult your brain back to a much simpler time where we didn't have smartphones or vehicles.

And how cool is this? This is a huge steamer built in 1913 and launched out of Boothbay Harbor.

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